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Lemon Lack 5-Pack
Lemon Lack 5-Pack

Lemon Lack 5-Pack

Lip Balm


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Lemon Lack 5-Pack

Oops! A slight miscalculation made for lackluster lemon vibes on a recent batch of COLADA KISS™ lip balms. So, if you like lip balms a bit more neutral - think mostly coconut and cocoa butter - this is a great deal! The quality of the product is exactly the same, sans the zesty lemon aromatics. Get 5 unlabeled lip balms wrapped in a simple bag with a sticker.

Packed with moisture-rich oils and select natural butters for smooth application every time. Enjoy fresh waves of Virgin Coconut Oil. Keep your lips super-soft and naturally kissable all day and night with this fantastic bargain!


  • For Aromatherapy
  • Lemon Essential Oil: lemony, zesty, invigorating, purifying
  • Virgin Coconut Oil: fresh, tropical, uniquely coconut
  • For Skin
  • Lemon Essential Oil: antibacterial, antiseptic, clarifying
  • Virgin Coconut Oil: antioxidant, rich in Vitamin A and E
  • Beeswax: protectant, skin conditioner, antibacterial
  • Cocoa Butter: rich in essential fatty acids, moisturizing


Apply generously to soften and protect lips.


Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Lemon Essential Oil, Sal Butter & Vitamin E

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Net Wt. 0.75 oz (21.26 g)

tagged : moisturize : soothe

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