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GRIZZLY BAR® Natural Soap by Biggs & Featherbelle®
GRIZZLY BAR® Natural Soap by Biggs & Featherbelle®

Grizzly Bar® 4-Pack Seconds

Bar Soap

clear-up cleanse

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Patchouli & Spruce

We make A LOT of blocks of GRIZZLY BAR® soap. Every block gets cut into single bars and that process results in some bars with "imperfect" sides, corners and edges. They might look a little rough, but smell, feel and lather exactly the same. We include these misfits in our popular 2 LBS Odds & Ends bags. Now exclusive to the Bargain Bin, get 4 of these unwrapped bar cuts in a paper bag at 50% OFF our usual 4-Pack pricing!

Experience an evergreen forest without leaving your shower. Ladies and gentlemen alike enjoy this awesome all-natural soap. Don't let the rough and tumble exterior fool you - this bar has a soft, sensitive heart. Eastern Hemlock Spruce and Siberian Fir Needle marry with Patchouli for an epic EO combo. Aromatic suds clear and clean with vitamin-rich lather as Green Tea leaves gently exfoliate. Rinses clean leaving skin feeling smooth and fresh.


  • For Aromatherapy
  • Spruce (Eastern Hemlock) Essential Oil: grounding, fresh, energizing, focused
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: calming, grounding, relaxing, resonant, uplifting
  • Siberian Fir Essential Oil: comforting, emotionally soothing, empowering, rejuvenating
  • For Skin
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: anti-fungal, antiseptic, oil balancer, soothing, tonic
  • Moroccan Red Clay: cleanser, conditioner, improves elasticity, mineral-rich
  • Green Tea Leaves: exfoliant, astringent, great for acne and oily skin
  • Coconut Oil: antioxidant, rich in Vitamin A and E
  • Fair Trade Sustainable, Organic Palm Oil: primary natural soap base ingredient


Not tear-free. Safe for every body. Keep away from standing water when not in use. Lather with or without washcloth. Rub exfoliating bars directly on skin to activate.


Distilled Water, Saponified Oils (Olive, Coconut and Palm), Vitamin E, Moroccan Red Clay, Cocoa Powder, Green Tea Leaves and Essential Oil Blend (Patchouli, Spruce and Fir Needle)


Net Wt. 1 lb

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