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Lavender & Rosemary
Lavender & Rosemary

Lavender & Rosemary

Whipped Shea Butter


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Whipped Shea Butter price increases to $12.99 during summer (May 1st – October 15th) to cover cold packing and shipping costs.


Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E & Essential Oil Blend (Lavender, & Rosemary)


  • shea butter is a super emollient butter from the African shea nut
  • raw and unrefined with fatty acids and regenerative properties intact
  • soothing for dry and damaged skin and hair
  • lavender relaxes & soothes
  • rosemary stimulates & tonesĀ 


Rub this whipped shea butter directly on your skin for extra moisturizing.

Product Weight

Net Wt.4 oz (113 g)

tagged : butter : holiday : moisturize

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