Biggs & Featherbelle is a health conscious company that promotes the healing elements of Mother Nature by creating body care products free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and additives. Quality ingredients and research are infused in every handmade Biggs & Featherbelle product. Enjoy!

Biggs & Featherbelle soap gift sets

Summer is the time for SCRUBBIN'!

When we lose a lot of moisture from the heat, our skin tends to get dehydrated, losing important vitamins and minerals in the process. Use our scrubs to slough off dead skin cells, boost circulation, and detoxify. Skin is left replenished and soft as the day you were born.  



"I received the Mind Soak as a gift. I usually take showers in the morning, and decided to put a little in the shower to use as an aromatherapy. I have to tell you that the aromas in Mind Soak worked better than coffee. I felt awake and clear before my usual morning cup. That never happens! I am a fan and will be ordering more today. Thank you from Tampa!"
- Liu S., Tampa, FL