Created by two sisters. Naturally handcrafted.

The Early Days 2003

It started simple; sisters Kelly and Kasey made soap as holiday gifts for friends and family in winter 2003. They took over their parents’ basement with a makeshift “lather lab”. It was fun, people loved the results… then they asked for more.

The Early Days

Craft Fair Era 2009

With passions for cooking and degrees in Fine Art and Fashion, the soapmaking hobby became an obsession. They envisioned a body care company powered by natural ingredients, beneficial recipes, colorful packaging and clever names. The day jobs got ditched and Biggs & Featherbelle® was born!

Baltimore Warehouse 2015

Through the years the siblings hustled, the team expanded and cooking kitchens soon grew into warehouses. Word spread and the fanbase grew! Today their handmade products can be found in grocery stores and specialty shops along the East Coast.

Soapmaking Corner 2019

Trust in our Health Conscious Body Care® made daily with time-honored recipes in small batches using raw, natural ingredients and pure essential oils. We never use formulations, preservatives, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Our handmade products work exceptionally well, always smell amazing and can be enjoyed every day by every body. Made with heart by hand. ♥